Drug Overdose Prevention Education (D.O.P.E)

Our mission is to transform the lives of addicts and their loved ones by providing lifesaving resources, and to inspire further recovery of body, mind, and sprit.  We at D.O.P.E will empower individuals to reach their full potential through Love, Acceptance, Compassion, and Education. D.O.P.E, Drug Overdose Prevention Education, wants to bring awareness about drug addiction, and remove the stigma of addiction. D.O.P.E provides FREE training and  FREE Naloxone kits to individuals in the South Bend, IN area, and surrounding cities by partnering up with Overdose Lifeline, Inc.  We also provide resources to help other individuals from different states find the proper free training, and lifesaving resources. Our goal is help addicts find resources to deal with their addictions. Also, to help those who have an addict in their lives have a place to come and find support with no judgment. D.O.P.E's goal is to work with the community, law enforcement, rehab centers, and the court system to help provide a better way to handle addiction. D.O.P.E wants to inspire all communities to help prevent overdose, and become more involved with awareness of addiction. Hope for an addict means to understand what addiction is, and how to provide help without enabling the addict.