The following stories are shared by recovering addicts.  D.O.P.E has not changed any words that were written.  We believe that their story needs to be told exactly how they wanted it to be told

Katrina Milburn
Hi everyone, here's my story.  ​Suboxone which has Naloxone in it helped save my life.

Derrick Cooper

A Message Of Recovery By God's Grace

My name is Derrick C. and I am a grateful recovering alcoholic-addict. My clean date is April 16th, 2014.  I personally thank God as I understand Him,  who goes by the name of Jesus, for revealing to me that I was a sick kid.  The story of my recovery from a life of hopelessness started in a town called Kensington.It is located in Philadelphia,PA.  I was a patient at Cooper Hospital over in Camden,NJ., within a psyche ward. I had threatened to commit suicide based on my life spiraling out of control about a month or so prior to my hospital admittance. While a resident at the facility, I pondered my life,  dwelling on how I became a dopefiend in a matter of two months. The alcohol consumed on a daily basis was the trigger. I was an extremist; I partied to the max and the consequences cost me my job, my girl, my apartment,  and almost my life. One day while laying in bed,  going through heroin withdrawal,  I heard the nurse yell over the loudspeaker that an AA meeting was to be held in the dining room. I decided to go and sit in on it. Anything that would take my mind off of the irregular physical pain I was enduring would help. It would turn out to be a day I would never forget. Three people came into the room,  and introduced theirselves to us. One guy looked like ZZ Top the performer, the other guy looked like someone's father, and the woman was gorgeous. She reminded me of Linda Carter,  who played Wonderwoman.ZZ's real name is Eddie Z.  He had 22 years at the time we met .I talked with him after he spoke. I was in awe of his story of how he overcame addiction and alcoholism. I wanted what he had: freedom. He looked me up and down,  and bluntly asked me,"What was I willing to do to stay clean and sober?"  I told him that I would leave everything behind: the attitude, the clothes, the fake image. Whatever it took I would do. He told me to come to the Camden sector of his AA clubhouse upon my discharge. I made it out right on time for the 6pm AA meeting. I got my hand up and shared where I was at in my life.After the meeting Eddie Z. told me to hop in the back of his pickup truck: he was taking me back to Philly!  I was so grateful that I told God,"Thank you" in the sincerest way I have ever done. Oh did I mention that I rode in the flatbed of the pickup truck, on my back?
I didn't care. I was grateful to be leaving hell. As soon as we got to the Last Stop Group of AA in Kensington, I introduced myself to a few people and sat down fir the seven o'clock meeting. The very next day,  I took the suggestion to get a sponsor. I began the process of going through the  Twelve Steps(dopesick), and it took a few months but I was soon helping the newcomers left and right. There is nothing like seeing that light shine in someone's eyes upon them realizing that they are special.God willing, next month on April 16th,  I will be celebrating two years clean.I am enrolled in nightschool , have a job,  and help people. I no longer want to be friends with God when I need something. I have a sincere love for God today. He is my best Friend and without Him I am nothing.  AA4EVER.

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