We Bring Good People and a Good Cause Together

D.O.P.E is always looking for different places to hold events for the Free Naloxone Training.  If you have a space that we could use for a day of training, please select the apply button.  This will redirect you to the D.O.P.E email.  Please supply the following information:

Location of the available space

When the space would be available

How many individuals will the space seat

Any other important information that you feel is important for us to know
Services/Items Needed
All Donations Are Tax-Deductible

​T-Shirt/Sweatshirt Makers

Photographer that would donate their time to take pictures at our event and fundraisers.  If you can only donate your serives once it would be helpful

Mentor's for recovering addicts

Resume builder for recovering addicts

D.O.P.E  is always in need of  individuals that would like to give back to their community.  A recoverying addict not only has to stay clean but they have to earn back their self-esteem.  These are services and items that can help a recoverying addict be successful with their sobriety.  Also, these service could help them find employment, which is a huge part of thier recovery.  If you can offer your services even periodically, this could help a recovering addict change their life.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Donate Items To Sell On The Website
Example: Self Made Jewery,ect.

Donate clothes for job searches

Hair Stylist

Dentist Pro Bono


Looking For Volunteers To Plan Two Event for D.O.P.E

We are starting to plan our two events for this summer. 1st event will be a fundraiser and ride (motorcycles not bicycles, hehe) for drug awareness. The 2nd event will be a walk for drug awareness. I am looking for people that would like to volunteer their time to help plan these two events. If you would like to help with one or both events that is completely up to you. D.O.P.E will form two separate committees for the events. Please click purple button below and let us know which event that you would like to volunteer your time to. Thank you…
For those who do not know D.O.P.E is located in South Bend, IN.